About Us

The BJS marathon is a concept that aims to insist that the art, sport, and culture technical, local economic efficiency and processes are not ending to those who are established but create opportunities for those not yet established for the goal they seek to achieve. In this instance, the goal is to develop, nurture, promote tourism and prosperity of the South as a geo-economic space, and of its people, defined by not race or group, but by psychic identity.

While recognising and honouring our legend through an initiative that will bring sustainability, economic boost, and effective utilisation of sport, art, and culture. This initiative is about nation-building which is informed by strategic thinking and planning to advance and develop a platform that will be meaningful to our community.

In the complex and cutthroat competitive world we live in, the success of a nation is not automatic but is based on the implementation of the strategies. This is demonstrated in the turbulent global economic arrangement we are confronted with as we prepare to stage this event. BJS Marathon is about rebirth, renowned, transformation, and restructured of sport, art and culture, and entertainment industry on African soil.

Our Vision

Is to create a signature event in Ladysmith as an event destination place where all African Nations feel at home and strengthen social ties beyond cultural and social divides playing a meaningful role in nation-building. Building a common identity as an African state to improve the quality of life of all its citizens and develop sport, art, and culture

Our Mission

We describe the tone and manner of our portfolio as vibrant, fun, tasteful, warm, and responsible for engaging the minds and enriching the lives of our people by creating a segmentation signature event that is rooted within our African context in pursuit of the African Renaissance. We will champion good moral values and personal ethics. To this and the philosophy of Bantu/ Batho could assist us, as a cohesive moral value that is inherent in all mankind.

Our Compassion

Compassion is an important value in African people’s lives and is especially prevalent in rural communities. This initiative is created to be an umbrella of quality in a manner that will go a long way in binding people together as Africans. It will cement relationships and friendships with the people of Africa. It is manifested through people’s desire to reach out of themselves and in turn they find self-fulfilment and self-accomplishment through their talent, skill, and gift for economical sustainability

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